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HGTV Fresh Faces of Design Winner

Established or updated profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter

Research into vendors and partners

Composition of posts, including links, hashtags, and multimedia

Graphic design

ConstantContact email campaign

Participation and analytics

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Trade Show QR Code Campaign


Local handcrafted gelato startup Trentino Gelato offered up its goods at a major regional food distribution show. With so many other vendors, it was key to stand out for two reasons: first, to attract buyers to the booth before (or despite) being too full; second, to stand out in the minds of buyers when they return to their home offices.


The concept I created was to give buyers an opportunity to interact with the booth beyond simply tasting. To this end, a QR code campaign was developed. Visitors to the booth would taste the different gelato flavors, and then vote for their favorites using their own mobile devices.

This engagement behavior is based on the notion that people are comfortable with their own technology, including how they prefer to use it. Couching engagement in this comfortable and convenient context enhances the permanency effect, as it potentiates a new experience by linking it to a familiar one.

A custom QR code was created representing each flavor, and these were displayed in large format (read: easily scannable) on a custom designed and printed heavy stock strip.IMG_1587


The graphics extend the existing branding of Trentino, and also match up with the web page graphics.


After tasting the various flavors, buyers scan the code representing their favorite, and the statistics are tallied and updated/displayed in real time on an iPad on the booth table.


This interaction yielded immediate reward to the scanner by way of the statistics, and paired the overall experience with the desserts themselves.



The results were displayed on the iPad, but also on the visitors’ own devices immediately after voting. The results screen provided an opportunity to collect analytics data, solicit information, and encourage social media interaction.