Litigation Support


After 13 years as an entrepreneur in the litigation support arena, and 5 years before that assisting litigators in an on-demand capacity, my experience in litigation support is comprehensive and unique. Trial support includes providing multimedia presentation, custom interactive exhibits, static and dynamic timelines (including the world’s first HTML-based timeline for the litigation market), and jury feedback. Trial observation experience includes civil and criminal actions, and the delivery of detailed notes and logs of trial activity. Independently solicited as a development consultant by LexisNexis during the early stages of Firm Manager, litigation support is augmented by full firm or caseload data management. Further software experience includes development of an accident scene capture app for investigators. Video production experience includes Day-in-the-life, settlement and deposition videography, including developing the world’s first integrated witness and exhibit live simultaneous capture protocol. Photography experience includes surveillance, accident scene capture, and

Areas of Expertise

Trial consulting, Mediation presentation, Custom exhibits, Timelines, Graphic Design, In-trial feedback/input, Trial observation, Caseload data management via LexisNexis Firm Manager