April 2016 Houston Flood

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April 2016 Houston Flood

A Taciturn Turbulence

Houston sprawls paralyzed in its mid-diluvial funk. Streets and skies are empty of travelers. Bayous rush with a turbulent, arrogant energy, oblivious to the curious eyes of daring joggers and dogs. Cars, abandoned, have no ambition to be dealt with anytime soon. Homes, flooded, sigh despondently through open doors and windows. The city starts ambling toward recovery, as it always does. But…it does so cautiously: more storms lurk beyond the horizon. They too shall pass, and we’ll enjoy the respite ’til the next time. And then we’ll do it again, as we’ve done it before. Because we’re Houston.

Bridge Bayou

These photos were taken during an excursion through my neighborhood to explore the aftermath of one of the all-too-regular storm systems that blast our part of the world lately. The idea was to capture the juxtaposition of urban life and meteorology continuing on above, while the damage and danger of the flood remain below. Each of these photos thus is bifurcated horizontally to demonstrate this point counterpoint visual conversation. Reflections are reminders to the “above” about what’s “below.”