Professor Pantaloons

Stitch. Or Mr. McGitch, if you prefer. Señor McGitch, if you find yourself south of the border. He’s a girthy beast who never hankers to be wild. He is a mighty fur dragon with a timid meow for an equally adorable and pathetic roar. He lives among a menagerie of 3 other cats, and one large dog. They all, to varying degrees, tolerate Stitch. So he makes every effort to be what they, or we, want him to be…or what he THINKS we want him to be. He tries things the other animals do, including the dog. He’s…learning?

But anytime he asserts himself, he is immediately uncertain. And he runs (gallops, really) away before he finds out if he is in trouble, or danger. His fabulous grey mane extends his entire length, and past the backs of his legs and tip of his tail. As we see him scurry turbulently around the corner, it has the ridiculous effect of making it seem that he is wearing pantaloons.

Someday, Stitch will hopefully become fully who he is: a loyal, wonderful, curious, smart friend and part of our family.